Whether your family is expanding or your children are just outgrowing their rooms, it’s important to know when to update your home. A good home grows and changes with the family to best suit its needs. Since those needs are constantly changing it can sometimes feel like the house is constantly changing as well! Knowing how and when to update your home may seem like common sense but there are some things that may slip your mind. In a lot of ways changing your home to better accommodate your family is kind of like buying new clothes for your growing child. If they’ve grown too big for their bed or their room, or if new members of the family are brought into the home. However accommodating your family’s needs through home improvement goes far beyond basic physics. Creating learning environments, play areas, and relaxation spots throughout your home can greatly benefit every member of the family! Below are some ways to cultivate your space in a way that best compliments the family that lives inside it.

Let’s start with the living room. Think about how you and your family spend your time. Are you like most families? Crowded around the television with TV trays in front of you or are you on the floor working on a puzzle with your little ones? Think about how you spend your time in the living room and then think about how you want to spend your time. If you’d like to move the focus away from the TV and onto more important things like each other, think about moving the TV to a different room entirely! Or making sure it’s not the only focal point. Maybe you can set up a puzzle table or a reading nook. Creating an environment that promotes learning and interaction is incredibly beneficial to any family. Decorating in a way that’s personal and inviting is also beneficial. Shopping at Pier 1 Imports is a great way to do that. Add a personal touch to your living room, fill it up with flair, and create a space that’s unique to your family.

If you’d like to keep the living room how it is but take that spare room and transform it that’s great too! The living room can become a place of calm, relaxation, and movie nights while the spare room can be a place for your children to learn and grow. Children need room to express themselves, to learn through play. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of Melissa and Doug! They offer a wide variety of play sets, puzzles, and family games that are sure to stimulate the imagination and promote learning. Filling up your space with toys that focus on learning and exploration is an ideal way to transform your spare room. A spare room would also be a great place for a reading nook or children’s library.

If you’re bringing home a new baby nesting is incredibly important to a family. Involving everyone in your family to help create a safe and happy place for your newborn is a great bonding experience. If you’re looking for super cute and totally affordable nursery furniture, room decor, bedding, and more look no further than Babies R Us. There you’ll find a wide variety of things you need for your baby’s nursery all at low prices. Let big brother or sister help you pick out a color scheme or theme for the room, this will make them feel included.