According to the majority of new parents, one of the most common and toughest struggles in getting your baby to sleep through the night. Many parents employ a variety of strategies to get that so important eight hours of sleep that most adults need to function, often with varying success. Today we’ll look at’s sleep through the night strategies.

Ways to get baby to sleep

As has researched, there are many ways to attempt to get your baby to sleep through the night. The most common reason that many babies don’t is simple biology. When they are still in the womb, it is dark. When they are born, there obviously can be a huge period of adjustment as they get used to be out in the “light,” so to speak. Also, in the womb, most babies tend to be nocturnal (that is, awake at night and sleeping during the day). As logical and biologically appropriate as that is on paper, it can be really hard on both mom and baby in practice. This tends to ease up around 4 months, but it can still be quite the trick to get your baby to stay asleep. Many parents end up relying on a pacifier but, although this can provide some temporary relief, it is often tricky to rid them of in the long run. It also hasn’t been proven to be the best on developing teeth/bite.

Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine

A great option is Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine. This machine comes with a variety of helpful features to help your baby fall and stay asleep. It offers three different interchangeable plates to vary the star pattern projected on the ceiling to help lull your baby to sleep. It also plays ten different lullabies as well as four soothing nature sounds to combine with the star projection and provide a full, sleepy experience for your baby. There’s also a womb simulator feature that plays a subtle heartbeat and recreates the feeling of being mommy’s belly. This is immediately soothing to baby and, combined with the subtle lights and sounds can sometimes almost immediately lull your baby to sleep. The Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine retails for $70 at

White noise sounds and timing

One of the main features of the Calm Knight Star Projector Machine is the theory that white noise, for both adults and babies, is incredibly soothing. The cry detecting feature with the machine also keeps it from playing continually, but will turn back on if any crying is detecting. This starts to help the baby begin to learn to self sooth as well.

When trying to get your baby to fall and stay asleep, most desperate parents try everything. Save yourself the time and trouble and invest in Calm Knight Star Projector Machine to help soothe your baby to sleep with calming sounds, star projections, a heart/womb simulator and the ability to recognize cries and turn itself back on… and enjoy your rest!